What's Department of Computer Science?

In modern society, information technology is widely used in every field worldwide and has caused the change in history called the fourth Industrial Revolution. The era of engineering centered around civil engineering lasted until the middle of the nineteenth century. By the turn of the twentieth century, mechanical engineering had emerged. Electrical and chemical engineering  played a role in World War I, and World War II expanded the role of nuclear engineering. By the turn of the twenty-first century, the growth of the Internet and the rapid development of computers has brought the age of information technology. The rapid progress of artificial intelligence, multimedia, and social media marks the era of big data, an achievement of information technology. While new technologies are emerging worldwide, social risk factors are diversifying. Even in unknown situations every day, there is an urgent need to make the right decisions for the future by taking advantage of the use of information technology and to train human resources who can play an active role globally. The Department of Information Science aims to foster internationally active software engineers who are flexible in this era of rapid change and are skilled in advanced information technology.